Farm capital expenditure grants of up to 40% available

Specialist performance grants of up to 40% are available through the RDPE Northwest Livestock Programme designed to help improve the overall economic performance of livestock holdings in the North West of England.


These grants are for projects that take a farm’s performance above normal farm practice and cannot be used to help comply with statutory regulations. The project must fall into one of the qualifying areas below.  There is a specified list of eligible items included in each qualifying area.

There are 3 qualifying areas:

Nutrient and Manure Management Plan recommendations could include funding for:

  • Roofing middens to reduce water entering manure / slurry or any work that reduces the need for extra slurry storage, such as the separation of clean and dirty water and covering dirty yard areas.
  • Roofing silage pits to exclude rainwater.
  • Slurry aerators / separators.

Animal Health and Welfare Plan recommendations could include funding for:

  • Specialist equipment to improve livestock performance recording and handling e.g. turning crates or weighing crates. Standard livestock handling facilities are not eligible.
  • EID technology.
  • Small scale animal welfare building enhancements e.g comfort cubicles, grooving or slats.

Resource Efficiency Audit recommendations could include funding for:

  • Roof water recycling equipment such as tanks, pipes and filters.
  • Heat recovery systems.
  • Farm scale renewable energy facilities (business use only) – such as wind turbines, solar panels and wood fuel / biomass boilers.
  • Incinerators and digesters for carcase disposal.

The performance grant can only be applied for if recommended as a priority in the relevant plan(s) carried out by an adviser or vet.


Up to 40% of the total cost of the project is available.  The minimum grant is £2,000 and the maximum £8,000 per application, with a maximum of £12,000 per business available.


To request a grant application pack, or for more guidance on eligible items, contact the Northwest Regional Development Agency’s RDPE team in Penrith:
Phone: 01768 861 306


  • Round 8 = 31 March 2011

Year 2011/2012 closing dates:

  • Round 9 = 30 June 2011
  • Round 10 = 30 September 2011
  • Round 11 = 31 December 2011
  • Round 12 = 31 March 2012

Year 2012/2013 closing dates:

  • Round 13 = 30 June 2012
  • Round 14 = 30 September 2012
  • Round 15 = 31 December 2012

To discuss the significant tax savings which can be achieved from capital expenditure of this kind contact Judith.