£613,000 of grant funding offered to North West farmers

A TOTAL of 111 Livestock Programme Performance Grant applications came in to the NWDA at the end of September for Round 6. 92 were from Animal Health Plans, 10 Nutrient Management Plans and 9 for Resource Audits.

Out of these only two were rejected (for ineligible items, such as straw choppers) and a third was deferred for resubmission having had one of the three items applied for rejected due to having a very quick pay back on the item.

Grants continue to come in for such items as cow cubicles and mattresses (from animal health plans), roofing over manure stores and dirty yards (from nutrient management plans), and heat recovery and energy efficient bulk tanks (resource efficiency audits).

But this month successful grant applications were also seen for a large rainwater recycling system (resource efficiency) and a milk pasteuriser – as a disease prevention measure for calves – (animal health).